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Spill Pick Up

Picking up hazardous spills is one of the more dangerous parts of many job occupations, yet takes a general know how of what to expect, what to avoid doing, and how to make sure that no one is exposed to the microbes that are part of the hazardous materials. We have spill control solidifiers to help control any type of infectious blood and bodily fluid spill. We also have biohazard bags and scoops to help with the primary disposal and transportation of the hazardous materials. Hazardous Spill Pick should not be left to inferior knowledge or products!

Most blood exposures in health settings are preventable. Strategies to protect health workers include implementation of "Universal Precautions," immunization against hepatitis B, provision of personal protective equipment and the strict management of these exposures. Successful implementation of these strategies requires an effective infection control support committee with support from the health management team. This is definitely a team effort!