Germicidal Wipes

A clean area is a happy area. We all know that there are dirt, germs and other pathogenic creatures roaming around our living and work space. Sanizide, our pre-saturated germicidal wipes come in different amounts depending on the area that needs disinfecting. Sanizide is a convenient, fast-acting, multi-purpose, broad-spectrum disinfectant/deodorizer for any surface. Our alcohol free formulation is non-corrosive yet able to be used against some of the most ornery pathogens such as HIV-1 and HBV.

There are a number of commercial disinfectants that are available in stores. Products that meet the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) standards for "hospital grade" germicides are effective for sanitizing purposes. However, many commercial products advertise themselves as "disinfectants," having "germicidal action," or "kills germs." Although they may have some effect on germs, these products are often less effective than bleach. In addition, commercial disinfectants usually contain additives such as perfume or dye and may leave a chemical residue that could be harmful or cause distress for children with allergies or respiratory difficulties.

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