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Bloodborne Pathogen Refills

To make sure you are always prepared to protect yourself from coming into contact with any type of bloodborne pathogen or other type of hazardous material, we have refills of one of the most important pieces of PPE: Gloves. We offer Exam quality latex, nitrile and vinyl refills at discounted prices so you can bulk up on these to make sure you never run out. If a doctor's office never runs out of the gloves, neither should you!

The first disposable latex medical gloves were manufactured in 1964. The production was based on the technique for making condoms. These gloves have a range of clinical uses ranging from dealing with human excrement to dental applications. The impetus for the making of these type of gloves occured years earlier when a nurse could not sterilize her hands properly because of an allergic reaction to latex. Goodyear Tire and Rubber company were commissioned to make a glove of rubber for her to use.