Outdoor Protection/Preparedness

The Outdoors can be a most beautiful, fun and relaxing place. Until its not. We want to make sure you are fully prepared no matter what outdoor activity you are doing, in case danger, emergency, disaster or just plain annoyance strikes. Fully Outdoor Survival/First Aid Kits, body warmers, emergency blankets, multifunction flashlights and other gadgets and multifunction tools are just a few items to help you be prepared to fully function, not just in emergency situations but also just for fun or while you are relaxing at a campsite. Always be prepared!

Worried about infection? When heading outside make sure you have Pandemic Protection for Coronavirus/COVID-19.

Tip for Family Camping:

  • Pack Plenty of H20 - Dehydration is not only dangerous for adults but especially for children.
  • Have a Communication Plan - Implement a Buddy system or even whistle a happy tune which can be used as an emergency code if children to get lost away from adult.
  • Know The Lay of the Land - Always know where you are and your surroundings. Being unprepared in rough terrain can be life-or-death.
  • Pack Just the essentials - Insect Repellant, waterproof tent, Swiss army knife, extra food and water among other items.
  • Oh and though you shouldn't have to be told, you should have a fully stocked first aid kit!
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