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Finger Cots

Finger Cots (or finger condoms) are a type of temporary finger protection that can be used when full gloves are not needed or warranted. They can protect your injured finger from further exposure or trauma and can protect it from exposure to dangerous objects such as in the manufacturing field. As with gloves, they can come in different water tight materials such as latex, vinyl or nitrile rubber. We have different sizes of finger cots, blue finger cots for the food industry, and different types depending on your needs.

Finger Cots are used in a variety of ways. They can be used for protecting against infections or sharp or dangerous objects. Finger cots are widely used in the manufacturing, medical and food service industries. While we usually think of using a finger cots to keep foreign bodies "out," they can also be used to keep foreign bodies/substances "in" That is they are also designed to keep, finger skin cells, body oils, salts and other substances from touching very sensitive equipment and other very tactically sensitive items. The Finger Cot can be looked at as an all around protective device!