Misc. First Aid Supplies

From scissors, thermometers and safety pins, to splints, braces, cotton tip applicators we have what you are looking for in Miscellaneous First Aid Supplies. These are all the first aid supplies that may not pop into your head when you are thinking of a first aid kit or to use during an emergency, such as a CPR Mask or Gauze, but they are just as important and are perfect compliments to fill out your First Aid Aid Kits. From medical gloves, tweezers, forceps to even a basic first aid guide or first aid signs (though which don't go into a first aid kit but are just important to the First Aid and emergency cause) we have any type of first aid supply you can think of.

Speaking of miscellaneous first aid supplies - We all know that Duct tape can be used to repair many things, but did you know that you can use it to repair yourself? Consider putting duct tape in your first air kit the next time you go anywhere. It can be used to hold a gauze pad in place on a scraped knee, it can be used as a splinter remover and can even be used as a way to remove a tick from your skin!

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