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Cold and Cough

Fight your toughest cold and coughs with our pseudoephedrine-free cold and cough tablets. You have a choice of formulas depending on what ails you. Our Cold/Cough combinations fight your stubborn cough while also relieving tough nasal and chest congestion, while our Sinus and Nasal Decongestion tablets focused on clearing up your sinuses due to upper respiratory allergies or the common cold. Did we mention that all of our cold and cough tables are pseudoephedrine-free?

Pseudoephedrine is a decongestant that is used to treat nasal, sinus congestion, or inner ear congestion. This ingredient is a very effective decongestant. It is potent and steps have been taken in many drugstores to control the sale of this in products such as Sudafed because of it being used for non-medical purposes. Drug manufacturers have also taken steps to create pseudoephedrine-free decongestants to treat nasal and sinus congestion so patrons have choice.