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Back Relief

Relieve your backache pain, muscle aches or strains with our Back Pain Relief tablets. They are formulated to speed blood flow to the affected areas for fast relief and comfort. We offer these tablets in 100 and 250 tablet bulk boxes.

Surprising Causes of Back Pain - Here are some causes of back pain that you may not have even pondered:

  • Bad Office chair - Even though the chair may have lumbar support, you may not be sitting in the chair correctly to take advantage of the support.
  • Wrong Shoes - Heels and back less shoes are the biggest culprit here as they are distributing your body weight properly so putting more strain on your spin.
  • SmartPhone or Tablet - The constant strain being put on the neck and spine while you are in the "head-down" position can radiate all the way down to your lower bac.

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