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Stretchers are carried by medical personnel for use in and out of hospital care situations. They provide stabilization and a way for medical personnel to quickly and easily transport a patient to a destination: either an awaiting medical transport or to a medical care facility. We carry multiple stretchers, backboards and accessories for use in conjunction with a stretcher to ensure a patient is fully stabilized. Whether it's solid backboards or flexible stretchers that can be rolled up for easy transportation, we have you covered.

The "Stokes Basket," also known as a litter or rescue basket, is designed to be used where there are obstacles to movement or other hazard - for example in confined spaces, on slopes, or in wooded terrain. Typically it is shaped to accommodate an adult in a face up position and it's used in search and rescue operations. The person is strapped into the basket, making safe evacuation possible. The stretcher has raised sides and often includes a removable head/torso cover for patient protection. After the person is secured in the stretcher, the stretcher may be wheeled, carried by hand, mounted on an ATV, towed behind skis, snowmobile, or horse, lifted or lowered on high angle ropes, or hoisted by helicopter.