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Ice Securing Wrap

One of the harder things to do when you have a stiff back, sore muscles or bum knee is to hold an icepack and hot/cold compress over the injured area. We offer the Shur-Band elastic knitted bandage/wrap to help hold and secure your hot/cold compresses and packs over the affected areas. It can be worn without discomfort or allergic reaction and with self closing flap, you can rest assure that the pack will be secure and the only thing you need to do is relax and let the compresses perform their magic!

Ice packs in the workplace are important to have around because it has been proven to be a good treatment for the bumps, bruises and other every maladies that may befall an employee on the job. When the icepacks are properly applied and secured with a self closing ice pack securing wrap along with the appropriate compression and elevation, one can improve the rate at which the employee recovers. Ice packs and wraps are just plain handy to have around to deal with swelling and for cold therapy .

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