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What if you came across a victim of SCA (sudden cardiac arrest)? If you were were presented with an Automated External Defibrillator, would you know what to do? We offer Physio-Control's line of LIFEPAK CR AEDs that are specially designed for the first person to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. Products that are fully automatic and voice prompted, the rescuer doesn't even need to press the Shock button as the AED can detect when and if a victim's heart needs a shock. With rugged , intuitive graphical screens and ECG readings, these AED kits, are a great addition to ones Safety team.

HOW DOES AN AED WORK? - We all have a general sense and idea what an AED (automated external Defibrillator) does. Essentially we know it as a tool used by first responders to aid in saving the lives of victims who in Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The question is how does it work? An AED is an electrical device used brief electrical shocks to counteract fibrillation (irregular contractions of the heart) and restore a normal heartbeat. With the use of the sticky pads (electrodes) that are placed on the victim's chest, the computer in the AED is able to determine whether the heart needs a shock. If one is needed an "automated" voice prompts the rescuer to hit the shock button or if the AED is fully automated, it will automatically do it.

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