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Image of a large variety of CPR, AED, First Aid, BBP, Survival, Safety & Medical / Health Education products such as CPR training manikins, CPR face masks, emergency survival radio with flashlight, bloodborne pathogen used needle conatiner, CPR & First Aid kits etc.

American CPR Training™ proudly offers these CPR, AED, First Aid, BBP, Survival, Safety & Medical / Health Education Products!
Why these items? How do we choose? We have had a LOT of input - from you... our Clients, Students, and Instructors.
With 1000's of American CPR Training™ Instructors, Clients reaching from all the Fortune 500, through every branch of the Military and most Federal and State Governments down through Mom & Pop Shops and Scouting groups we've learned a lot. At almost a quarter of a century training people in lifesaving all over the US, Canada, Mexico and in fact every continent except Antarctica (we're working on that) American CPR Training™ has now certified 1 out of every 2,000 people in America.
This gives us a good perspective on what is needed for safety preparedness and compliance. Now throw in our core values (quality & value) and Bam! There's where our mix of products came from! 

Don't see what you are looking for? Try the Search bar... still no luck? Call us! We'd love to help.

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Where to buy CPR & First Aid Supplies? ...American CPR Training™!

AED Products

With AmericanCPR.com you know we are going to carry top of the line Automated External Defibrillators (AED) brands such as Zoll, Defibtech, Physio-Control, Heartsine, and Philips.

CPR Products

Always be prepared to save a life! Let us help you learn CPR and prepare you with the most up to date products and devices from our CPR line: CPR Training Manikins, CPR & First Aid Training Products, CPR Faceshields, CPR Keychains, CPR Masks & Barriers, CPR Kits, Oxygen Units, Stretchers.

First Aid Stations & Cabinets

Per OSHA Regulations, all businesses and places of work need to have a first aid kit that is reasonably accessible to all the workforce. We provide OSHA and ANSI Complaint First Aid Stations, Cabinets and Accessories with pocket liners for up to and over 200 people. Shop our First Aid Station Accessories, First Aid Stations, and OSHA Smart Compliance Program.

Health/Medical Education

The only way to learn is practicing and the only way to practice nursing and medical skills is to have the best equipment, manikins, and simulators available. Here you will find medical education products which will assist in learning/teaching Anatomy, Blood Pressure, Breast Self-Exam, Emergency Life Support, Heart and Lung Sounds, Injections, Nursing Skills, Nursing Skills Manikins, OB / GYN, Testicular Self-Exam, Trauma, Casualty & Moulage, Venipuncture.

Miscellaneous Supplies

We've got the first aid tools and equipment you need for the contents of your first aid kit! Scissors, Tweezers, and a whole lot of items including First Aid Instruments, Splints, and Tongue Depressors.

Safety Books, CDs, Videos

It is a must for all employers to strictly follow safety regulations set forth by OSHA and State safety laws. Part of maintaining a complaint safety environment is having an active safety program  Our American CPR Trainingâ„¢ Safety Videos, as well as our Student Training Materials, and live Safety Training can help you keep compliant and up to date. Shop our Safety Books, CD's and Videos.


Navigate through high quality First Aid Kits, CPR and First Aid Products, Disaster Preparedness Gear, Safety Products and Training Materials. Find the Top View entire brand lines at Wholesale, Bulk, and Discount prices! We carry top quality brands like AAA, Prestan CPR & AED Manikins, CPR Prompt, American Red Cross, Urgent First Aid, and many more...

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