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½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!™

  • Would you know what to do if someone went into cardiac arrest or had a heart attack?
  • Would the person next to you know what to do if you needed CPR?
  • Do you know how long it’s been since you received training at your location?
  • Do you miss us? (We miss you!)

The certification cards that we issued to your group were valid for two years and are now expired.
Guidelines have recently changed and we want to make sure that you are up-to-date and ready to assist in case of an emergency. Sudden Cardiac Arrest can happen to anyone at any time, with no warning.

Did you know?

  • The brain begins to die within 4 to 6 minutes due to lack of oxygen once the heartbeat has stopped and after the last breath.
  • The average National EMS response time is 8 to 14 minutes.
  • 80% of all Bystander CPR & First Aid is performed on Family Members.

With proper and consistent CPR training, YOU can significantly increase the chances of survival for those around you!

You may think that CPR training is not necessary, but it is. You never know when or where you will be if an emergency was to arise. It takes more than just knowledge - you need to A.C.T.™! Make a difference and help save a life!

Schedule your class today!
We already have your information in our system, we just need you to verify and/or update it. (If you would like a copy of your sign-in rosters from past classes with us, just contact us requesting them.)

We are American CPR Training™, the only centrally managed national training group. Whether you need us to come re-train your group at one local location, or 100 locations nationwide, you always work with the same contact at American CPR Training™ and you’ll get the same quality curriculum, same materials, same class time and format – and the same fun training at ½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!™

Your CPR certification will include complete hands-on training in the most recently updated adult, child, and infant CPR recommendations and guidelines including instruction in compression-only CPR. Combine topics by adding First Aid, AED, or BBP and save even more!

Safety Training - It's what we do. Image of a of teacher teaching a class of students.

We've been offering First Aid Training, CPR Training, and over 100 OSHA Safety Training topics for almost a quarter century now...
We specialize in Training - hence our name.
So how may we assist you today?  Want to check out our courses?

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From Asbestos Awareness to Back Safety…From Ergonomics to Fire Prevention and Safety…From Ladder Safety to LockOut / TagOut. Our skilled and experienced Instructors offer OSHA Required Safety Training at your location anywhere in the US, Canada, Mexico, or beyond. Get a quote right now online for any of our 100+ OSHA Safety Topics including OSHA Forklift Safety & HAZCOM… we’ve got your OSHA Training needs covered at ½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!™

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Need the best option for your workplace or grou? Get an Instant Quote for Safety Training at Your Location!

Maybe you would just like to find a local CPR & First Aid class?

American CPR Training™... ½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!™