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LIFEPAK Express Semi-automatic Includes 1 pair of QUIK-Pak electrodes - Physio-Control

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LIFEPAK Express Semi-automatic Includes 1 pair of QUIK-Pak electrodes - Physio-Control


LIFEPAK Express Semi-automatic Includes 1 pair of QUIK-Pak electrodes: The LIFEPAK EXPRESS AED defibrillator was designed with first on the scene responders in mind. Because this person is most likely minimally trained, it is important that he or she has a defibrillator that requires little out of the ordinary knowledge to operate. The LIFEPAK EXPRESS is such a machine. Responders will find it easy to use because it walks them through the process step by step by showing and telling the rescuer what to do. It makes each step clear and obvious by using simple language in a clear and easy to understand voice. In a cardiac emergency, every second is crucial. Any time lost trying to operate a defibrillator, is time wasted.

The LIFEPAK EXPRESS was designed with the same advanced defibrillation technology that is used in major hospitals and by EMS technicians. The only exception is that any lay person can use this technology in a lifesaving emergency because it is semiautomatic. It is important to realize that this is still life saving equipment. It still meets industry standards and provides the same help in a cardiac situation when CPR is not enough. It has  been streamlined for those first responders who may not know how to use a traditional defibrillator technology.

With this semiautomatic model, the responder assesses the person suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. Next, the LIFEPAK is opened and electrodes are applied to the victim. Once the electrodes are applied, the machine will analyze the person’s heart rhythm. The machine will decide if the person needs an electric shock by resorting to its built in protocols. If the shock is necessary, the LIFEPAK EXPRESS defibrillator will instruct the responder to press the button to administer the jolt. The button flashes and is easily identified.

The defibrillator will adjust itself to respond to each victim’s specific cardiac need. The jolt strength will rise from 200 to 360 joules. This only occurs when it is needed because the heart does not respond to lower strength shocks. More lives will be saved because the machine has the capability of adjusting itself to the situation. The semiautomatic process removes any guesswork from this already stressful process.

The LIFEPAK EXPRESS is designed to be compatible with the more advanced LIFEPAK technology that is used by most emergency medical teams. This will enhance the transition from first responder over to trained medical professionals. A smooth transition will improve the likelihood of a successful rescue. This machine also has extremely modern data management tools which are in full compliance with state and local regulations following AED use. This allows users to wirelessly transmit ECG and event data through an infrared IrDa port directly to a PC.

LIFEPAK EXPRESS batteries are easily changed. They are also synchronized with the machine’s replacement dates for its electrodes. This allows maintenance requirements to be completed at the same time, ensuring that the machine is running fully charged and operational at all times. This defibrillator also has internal technology that makes certain that it has full power when it is used during a medical emergency.

If a young child is in need of cardiac attention, infant/child reduced energy defibrillation electrodes make this technology compatible with them (up to eight years old or 55lbs (25kg)).


EMS Responders, Fire Responders, Police Responders, Any public access area Government buildings


The LIFEPAK EXPRESS has the capacity for twenty full discharges. This equals 140 minutes of time turned on with a fully charged device. The time that it takes to charge during shock charge time is minimal. It can produce 200 joules in less than nine seconds. It produces 360 joules in less than fifteen seconds. Time is critical in a cardiac emergency.


After 48 hours of recharging time, the LIFEPAK is able to produce six electric shots, or 42 minutes of operating time. After fourteen days of recharge time, the machine can produce 20 electric shocks, or 140 minutes of running time with a new CHARGE-PAK battery charger.


(1)    pair QUIK-PAK™ pacing/defibrillation/ECG electrodes with REDI-PAK™preconnect system
(1) Quick Reference instruction card installed in the device.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Medtronic
Brand Physio-Control
SKU 80427-000134
MPN 80427-000134
Actual Weight (lbs) 10
Case Length (inches) 10
Case Width (inches) 10
Case Quantity 1
Case Weight (lbs) 9
Product Condition New

LIFEPAK Express Semi-automatic Includes 1 pair of QUIK-Pak electrodes - Physio-Control.


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