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  • COVID-19 Safety and Prevention in the Workplace Training Program

    Back to work COVID-19 Training banner

    Some Businesses are REQUIRED to offer this training...

    ...All businesses SHOULD offer this training
    to protect their workers and their workplace

    The American EHS COVID-19 Safety & Prevention in the Workplace Safety Training Program provides a brief timeline & insight into the origin and spread of the Human Coronavirus Pandemic in the USA, as well as required training and safe guidelines for both businesses and employees in the workplace with COVID-19 exposure concerns.

    This program covers:

  • Why CPR?

    CompressionOnlyCPR1What does CPR stand for?

    • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation


    What is CPR?

    • CPR is a procedure where you try to restart someone’s breathing or heart by manually compressing the person’s chest and also by breathing into a person’s mouth which will fill air into their lungs.


    How is CPR important in your workplace?

    • Getting employees trained in giving CPR will ensure a safer workplace. Learning CPR is not only for offices, giving CPR training should be mandatory in every establishment. Think of it this way... what is more important to you? Your business or the people that are working hard to make your business successful? In conclusion, the difference between knowing CPR and not knowing CPR could be a life or death for a close friend, coworker and or loved one.

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