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Sudden Cardiac Arrest


    Risk for injuries and heart attack both rise dramatically during the holiday season. Sudden Cardiac Arrest increase is commonly attributed to holiday stress, as well as the consumption of richer foods and alcohol. Injuries and accidents rise due to cooking (often with many people in an unfamiliar kitchen), holiday lights and decorations, space heaters, and more.

    No matter what the reason - Give life this season! Whether your group is still within the 2 year certification period or not: a refresher course in CPR and First Aid is timely, makes a great gift, and could help keep everyone safe. Remember that 80% of all bystander CPR is performed on loved ones!  

    Now… if you want to give the gift of lifesaving, we’ll pitch in too. Not only are our CPR, First Aid & AED Classes ½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!™, but you can save even more by combining classes and, we’ll add a FREE CPR KEYCHAIN MASK for every person in your group if you schedule and pay for your class in December 2018 to occur any time in 2019! Training makes a great group event - Take your Holiday down-time and turn it into a lifesaving event!

    (See how to get your free deal and view the CPR Keychains, or purchase some as gifts at the links below.)

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    CPR Training for Bystander and Healthcare

    Adult, Child & Infant CPR

    (New Guidelines - Full CPR & Compression-Only!)

    2½ Hours

    $16.50 - $29 per student
    2 Year Certification
    Includes Student Handbook, Certification Card, CPR Reminder Pen, Student Practice Materials & More

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    Automated External Defibrillator Training

    Automated External Defibrillation

    2½ Hours

    $16.50 - $29 per student
    2 Year Certification
    Includes Student Handbook, Certification Card, Reminder Pen, Student Practice Materials & More

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    First Aid

    First Aid Safety Training

    Basic 1st Aid & Emergency Care

    2 Hours

    $16.50 - $29 per student
    2 Year Certification
    Includes Student Handbook, Certification Card, Reminder Pen, Student Practice Materials & More

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    Two students practicing examination and compressions on a manikin. This is a link which you may click on to request a quote for CPR training instructions and more.

    How it works: Get your CPR, First Aid, or AED Quote by clicking below (or combination of any/all these). After reviewing the super-low quote price, schedule and pay for your class with our team in December 2018 to happen at your location ANY TIME DURING 2019 & we’ll add a free CPR keychain for each student. For single topics, we’ll add the mini keychain and if you hold a multi-topic class, we’ll add the larger keychain with gloves! You must mention you want the “Free CPR Keychain Deal” when scheduling, as we can’t send them out after a class – we need to include them with your materials so we can hand out to the students on the day of the class. If you would like to purchase some for gifts or safety reminders – you may do that too – just click below.

    Offer expires at Midnight 12/27/18 Available Online at AmericanCPR.com or Toll Free 800.823.0124 - Offer cannot be combined with any other offers or incentives. Offer cannot be applied to completed orders. While supplies last, offer subject to substitution or change without notice. Call with questions or for further details.

  • High Blood Pressure

    High Blood Pressure is one of the most easily controllable risk factors for sudden cardiac arrest.

    About 70% of US adults aged 65 or older have high blood pressure, but only about half have it under control. Despite having Medicare Part D prescription drug insurance, at least 25% of adults aged 65 or older are not taking their blood pressure medications as directed—according to the latest Vital Signs report.

    Read more:

  • Atherosclerosis

    In our bid to educate all about heart safety and avoiding Sudden Cardiac Arrest, we share lifestyle and risk factors that contribute to the thousands of cardiovascular deaths each year. The more you know, the easier to make healthy choices and the less likely you will be to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

    Let's talk about your arteries:

    Atherosclerosis: the gradual buildup of fat on the interior lining of the artery.

    To show you how heart attacks and strokes can be traced directly to our diets, consider this:  When we are born, our arteries are like pipelines; clear and wide, and flowing easily with our lifeblood.  As we get older and our diets deteriorate, small deposits of fat can become lodged in our arteries.  These deposits calcify and become known as plaque. Atherosclerosis, is the gradual buildup of this plaque on the interior lining of the arteries. High blood pressure may be an early indication of this plaque narrowing the arteries.Atherosclerosis

    As this build-up progresses, a condition may develop known as Angina Pectoris, which literally means “Chest Pain.” Angina is a precursor to heart attack, and feels similar to one.  People with Angina must take special medication whenever they experience the symptoms of an attack.  These people cannot solve their problem with diet or exercise; they have waited too long.  For cases of advanced atherosclerosis, invasive procedures may be the only alternative.  Angioplasty or Bypass Surgery are two methods of combating the condition, and both can be costly and dangerous.  If not caught in time, the tiny openings left in these arteries may become blocked, and the results are often quick and tragic.

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