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Prestan Monitor

  • Assembly Line

    PP_blinkDid you know that on this day in 1913 Ford Motor Company instituted the world's very first moving assembly line for the Model-T?

    This occurred at Henry Ford's Highland Park, MI factory. This first assembly line cut down the man-hours required to build a Model-T from twelve hours to two and a half!

    The increase in productivity allowed Ford to accomplish his dream of making, and pricing, a vehicle that is affordable to ordinary consumers. Check out the full article here:

    Prestan Manikins with Light Monitors allows CPR Instructors to perform training in a similar manner, lining up larger groups of students for training. The light monitors both allow the students to view, understand and improve their own CPR practice performance during the hands-on training in the class - but the light monitors also allow an Instructor to know from across the room if a bystander learning CPR is performing CPR at the correct rate, depth and ratio required for most effective lifesaving!

    Prestan manikins are the present and future of CPR Training manikins with their revolutionary CPR Rate Monitor that allows for instant feedback to both instructor and student regarding the rate of chest compressions. The visual feedback from the CPR Rate Monitor gives students a real life feel of delivering 100 compressions per minute. You add on a clicker sound as the chest is pushed to the appropriate depth, allowing them to experience the true force needed to deliver real life chest compressions and the option to teach with a jaw thrust maneuver.


    Prestan Professional manikins are definitely in a class of their own. Prestan Professional manikins are some of the more realistic to the eye and the touch on the market. We offer Adult, Child and Infant size manikins that all have their own unique features that keep to what they are suppose to represent. With the clamshell design that makes it very easy to change out lung bags to Prestan's CPR Rate Monitor that allows for instant feedback to both instructor and student regarding the rate of chest compression, Prestan manikins are in a class of their own in regard to innovative and ingenious features and design. They are available in single or multi-pack for class training purposes and also available in three different colors.

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