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  • Meals on Wheels

    Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular in cities around the country due to their convenience and unique food options. There are even Gourmet Food Truck Festivals around the US, and guides to help gourmands and vacationers find them to explore the mobile munchies

    Food Truck Festival

    One food truck in Los Angeles, gave the food truck phenomena a new twist - We've talked about Food & Hunger in the past; well this food truck serves free burritos to homeless people in the community. According to the Huffington Post, he Share A Meal food truck is run by nonprofit Khalsa Peace Corps and they started the program in 2009 out of a desire to serve the community. Every Monday through Friday, the Share A Meal truck goes out to different areas in Los Angeles with volunteers making anywhere from 150 to 250 burritos per night!

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