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  • Safe Disposal


    Equipment, cleaning materials, and personal protective equipment (PPE) that may have been contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) shall not be disposed of without proper safeguard procedures.

    SharpsObjects that may be contaminated must be carefully collected in specially marked biohazard bags, and removed from the premises by licensed Hazardous Waste contractors.

    • Biohazard bags are thick plastic bags, usually red in color, and are clearly marked with the biohazard label.

    • If temporarily stored on the premises, these biohazard bags must be securely fastened, double-bagged, and placed in a clearly labeled cardboard container.

    • Do not compress the contents.

    • Contaminated sharps (needles, broken glass, etc.) must be disposed of in specially designed sharps disposal containers.

    Sharps Disposal Containers are sealable containers, leakproof on 3 sides, puncture resistant, and clearly marked with the biohazard label.
    Biohazard bags and sharps disposal containers should be located in each first aid room at your facility.

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