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american heart association

  • CPR Instructors scramble to meet new AHA Requirements by January 31

    January 30, 2019

    American CPR Training™ reminds Instructors that the American Heart Association’s new requirements for CPR training courses using CPR feedback devices are effective in just two weeks.

    The American Heart Association published that they “will now require the use of an instrumented directive feedback device in all courses that teach adult CPR skills, effective January 31, 2019". Also, the American Red Cross published a statement that they “will incorporate CPR feedback devices in all classes delivered directly by the American Red Cross and recommend CPR feedback device usage for all training partners”. To comply with the new course requirement, feedback devices must, at minimum, measure and provide real-time audio feedback and/or visual feedback on compression rate and depth. Other national training organizations (American CPR Training™, etc.) have not yet implemented these requirements for instructors, however, it is likely that the 2020 ILCOR/ECC guidelines will include this requirement in which case all compliant CPR Training organizations in the US will add this to their instructor guidelines.

    American Heart Association Requirements:
    • Chest compressions are delivered at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions per minute and at a depth of at least two inches.
    • Feedback devices must, at a minimum, measure and provide real-time audio and/or visual feedback on compression rate and depth.
    • Although chest recoil and proper hand placement is noted in the announcement, it is NOT part of the compliance with the directive.

    Prestan Professional CPR Manikins with CPR feedback meet the new requirements!

    Prestan evaluated their Manikin products in light of the American Heart Association statements and have determined that Prestan Professional Adult CPR/AED Training Manikins with Monitor meet all of the requirements as stated by the American Heart Association.

    Prestan’s Professional Adult CPR/AED Training Manikin with Monitor provides real-time visual feedback with lights in the shoulder area of the manikin that builds student confidence by providing feedback rates in steps. Then, when compressions are 100 to 120 per minute, two green lights appear. If the upper limit of 120 compressions per minute is exceeded, a yellow flashing light will flash on and off. Prestan’s Professional Adult CPR/AED Training Manikin with Monitor also provides real-time audio feedback with a clicker mechanism that emits a loud ‘click’ sound when the torso is compressed to a depth of at least 2 inches.

    The American Heart Association has not set requirements for Child manikins nor Infant manikins yet – although Prestan’s Professional Child CPR/AED Training Manikins with Monitors and Prestan’s Professional Infant CPR/AED Training Manikins with Monitors provide the same comprehensive feedback mechanism desired by instructors worldwide.

    Have Prestan Manikins but Need to Upgrade?

    If you already own Prestan Manikins, without monitors or with the older putty colored monitors, upgrade them today! You can purchase the New Blue Prestan Monitors to easily upgrade all your Prestan Manikins. Available in singles or 4 packs.

    Build Your Life Saving Confidence With Prestan Professional Manikins!

    Meet your confidence goals with the SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE, INTEGRATED FEEDBACK of the Prestan Professional Manikins. No wires to connect, No device hookup, No extra equipment, and Feedback is contained within the manikin! Shop our Prestan Professional Manikins

    About Prestan Manikins

    Prestan Manikins offer full compliance with the new requirements at affordable pricing (Under $150 for a complete Adult Manikin with Feedback Monitor) where other manikins require expensive ($300+ per manikin) external adapter to upgrade to current standards/requirements. Prestan Manikins can be ordered on Amazon (Prime 2 day available) or with free shipping and free extra/bonus items at AmericanCPR.com

    About American CPR Training™
    American CPR Training™ was founded in 1993 to provide live, onsite CPR & First Aid Training at ½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!™ - Decades later, American CPR™ has thousands of Instructor nationwide – and spanning the globe, making lifesaving training fun and affordable for businesses that require safety training and any group interested in learning how to save lives. 1 out of every 2,000 Americans has now learned how to make their workplace or community safer through American CPR™ bystander rescue skills.


  • American CPR Training™ / American EHS Credentials & Qualifications

    CPR saves lives! Being CPR certified will prepare you for any emergency that may come your way. Many organizations teach CPR but questions arise about who officially endorses CPR. There have also been some inquiries about our certifications and course equivalency as well-so let us explain!

    ACT-CPR-IconAmerican CPR Training™ / American EHS is a nationally recognized training organization, just as American Red Cross and American Heart Association. We have been conducting thousands of health and safety trainings nationally for over 20 years. Yes OVER 20 YEARS (we weren’t born yesterday). Our curriculum is consistent with International, ILCOR/ECC, and OSHA/Department of Labor standards- which are the organizations that together update the guidelines for CPR.
    There are certain organizations that require that the certification must be "consistent with the curriculum of the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association," which covers all 12 national certifications, but is sometime misunderstood as “must be” American Red Cross or American Heart Association. We are not affiliated with the American Heart Association nor the American Red Cross; however, our courses are the equivalent to the curricula of both organizations.

    ACT-FA-IconSome of our larger clients include: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Unicare, WellPoint, Anthem, the FDA, Microsoft, the US Army, the US Coast Guard, and the White House, to name just a few. We even train NIOSH, Federal Occupational Health and the CDC. Furthermore, most of our instructors have taken courses and have been (or are currently) certified as Instructors by the American Red Cross (ARC), the American Heart Association (AHA), American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI), or National Safety Council (NSC). The majority of them are also currently registered EMT's, RN's and Firefighters.

    Some of our clients ask: What national agency, if any, grants credentials to CPR programs? I know it seems strange, but no agency "grants" credentials. We strongly believe that if we were not teaching AHA equivalent courses that follow the ILCOR/ECC guidelines, we would not still be in business after 20 years!

    Being knowledgeable about the guidelines, who endorses them along with a combination of making sure the company training you is following the guidelines and applying the appropriate training will ensure you are being trained correctly and by the right organization… American CPR Training™! We are ½ the Time, ½ the Price and TWICE the FUN!™.

    What does your certification card say?

    Our certification card will state the course, instructor name and renewal date along with the title of the course completed.

    Who issues your certification card?

    Our certification card is issued by us- American CPR Training™ - America's Favorite CPR, AED & First Aid Training™ - Leader in Safety Training throughout the US, Canada, & Mexico...

    What topics do you teach?

    ACT-AED-IconCPR, FA, AED, BBP and Forklift Safety are among the most popular courses American CPR Training™ offers; and in addition also offers safety training in all aspects of Environmental Health & Safety along with consulting, products, management, and other services.

    How can I verify I am being taught the updated guidelines?

    Guidelines are updated approximately every 5 years. We pride ourselves in being leaders in the Health & Safety field and were extremely pleased to have been the first training organization to introduce the complete C.A.R.E. CPR™ curriculum with updated guidelines in 2016.

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