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AED awareness

  • Cal Fire is Blazing New Lifesaving Trails

    Cal Fire stepped up its lifesaving readiness this month, with a massive effort to deploy 186 new AEDs throughout California.

    Automated External Defibrillators are a vital link in the lifesaving chain of survival – picking up the gap between pre-hospital CPR and the more advanced medical care given to victims of sudden cardiac arrest once they reach the hospital.

    This week the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection took delivery of 93 Defibtech AEDs and placed an order for an additional 93 through an acquisition arrangement with the AED grant program.

    These AEDs will be deployed to Cal Fire's 39 Conservation Camps statewide that house nearly 4,300 inmates and wards. These camps are operated in conjunction with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). Through these cooperative efforts Cal Fire is authorized to operate 196 fire crews year-round. These crews are available to respond to all types of emergencies including wildfires, floods, search and rescue, and earthquakes. When not responding to emergencies, the crews are busy with conservation and community service work projects for state, federal, and local government agencies. Fire crews perform several million hours of emergency response each year, and more on work projects.

    With this new lifesaving equipment, the dedicated, well-trained, emergency response forces can better respond successfully to heart attacks, drownings, and the many other types of emergencies they serve on a daily basis.

    The AED grant program is a corporate sponsored buy-down grant initiative which has placed many thousands of AEDs throughout the US over the past 15 years. Working through corporate sponsorship the AED Grant project helps individuals, social and faith-based groups, as well as public and private entities obtain these Critical Lifesaving Devices at or below what an AED Distributor would pay for them, thereby empowering America toward the goal of deploying AED wherever tragedy may strike. "We could, and have in a few cases, provide 100% free AEDs," explains Amanda Jenkins of the AED Grant program, "but as a zero-profit initiative, making these lifesaving units available at or below normal Distributor cost we are able to able to help launch thousands upon thousands of these simple lifesavers to qualifying individuals, groups, and businesses – rather than just a select few." Sponsored by AED manufacturers including Defibtech, as well as safety companies such as American CPR Training™ and First-Aid-Product.com, the program is now in its 15th year with ever-greater deployments, such as this Cal Fire project, and recent large initiatives with AAA, in addition to several Public Utilities and Indian Reservations – plus thousands of smaller businesses, churches, schools, and individuals.

    About the Conservation Camp Program


    About the AED Grant Program
    The National AED Grant program is a corporate buy-down grant program funded by generous donations, corporate backing, and AED manufacturer sponsors. The program has changed many time since its inception from a single manufacturer program to the current program backed by AED & CPR training organizations and the AED Manufacturers themselves.


    About First-Aid-Product.com
    For almost a quarter century, First-Aid-Product.com has been saving lives and saving money with Wholesale Direct to the Public™ First Aid, CPR, Survival and Safety products online. As the Master Distributor for 100's of top first aid brands, and manufacturer of their own product line, First-Aid-Product.com stocks over 300,000 products and enables businesses to exceed their compliance requirements below budget and with same day shipping of the highest quality safety supplies in the industry.


    About American CPR Training™
    American CPR Training™ was founded in 1993 to provide live, onsite CPR & First Aid Training at ½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!™ - Decades later, American CPR™ has thousands of Instructor nationwide – and spanning the globe, making lifesaving training fun and affordable for businesses that require safety training and any group interested in learning how to save lives. 1 out of every 2,000 Americans has now learned how to make their workplace or community safer through American CPR™ bystander rescue skills.


  • CPR & AED Awareness Trivia / Quiz

    For CPR & AED Awareness Week, we have four questions for you.

    1)  Do you know CPR?

    2) Do you know how to use an AED?

    3) Do you know who knows CPR around you? (at home, work, school, or any membership or faith group)

    4) Do you know where the nearest AED is?

    If you answered "No" to any of these, you need to set a a group CPR & AED Training class at your location for ½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!™... and you should look into getting a corporate sponsored buy-down AED grant!

    (we actually promote CPR & AED Awareness Month - 1 week isn't enough!)


  • Remember that every Home & Business should have an AED

    Now during CPR & AED Awareness Week (the first week of CPR & AED Awareness Month) we would like to remind you that AED devices can actually lead to recovery, while CPR alone most often can only maintain stasis until more advanced Lifesaving care arrives. You can purchase AEDs for very reasonable prices. If you have a little time to plan ahead, the AED Grant Program is an easy way to obtain corporate, buy down Grant funding to help reduce the cost further. This program is a partnership between AED Manufacturers and Corporate Sponsors to reduce the cost below any available online pricing to effect deployment of these critical devices as many places as possible. The program is available for Businesses, and even Individuals, not just Organizations and Non Profit Groups.


    If you are interested in an AED for your facility please go to www.AedGrant.com for more information about the AED Grant Program!

  • It is coming...

    CPR & AED Awareness Month is in June - that may seem to be a long way off, but it really isn't.

    Many of our clients are already scheduling their onsite CPR & AED Training classes now to assure availability, and Instructors are stocking up on Student & Instructor Materials, as well as adding to their CPR Manikin and AED Trainer equipment to be ready for a busy busy month.


  • Why are we talking about June in January?

    With the ridiculously cold weather lately, it might seem that we're thinking about June wistfully for temperature reasons, but no - there's another reason...

    June is CPR & AED Awareness Month.

    "So?" You ask... So: Even though we have thousands of Instructors worldwide, we book up in June. Everyone wants to schedule their on-site CPR & AED Training in June.

    Don't wait until May to try to schedule your classes - if you plan to be a part of the National campaign to raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and how CPR training and AED use save thousands of lives, schedule your annual CPR & AED classes now.

    Get an updated quote for training at your location, and let's get those dates nailed down. It will make it easier for you to plan ahead and for your Team to block out the time on their calendars far in advance.

    CPR & AED Awareness Month is June - schedule your classes now... Beat the Rush! CPR & AED Awareness Month is June - schedule your classes now... Beat the Rush!


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