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  1. It’s Back - BUT Better - 20%-96% off - End of the Year Sale!

    It’s Back - BUT Better - 20%-96% off - End of the Year Sale!
    American CPR Instructor Sale! It’s the American CPR Training® YEAR-END BLOWOUT ***Bigger than our Biggest Sale Ever!*** 20% off to an unbelievable 96% off these American CPR Training® Instructor Deals!(and you may be able to write these purchases off your 2016 taxes as well!*) SHIRTS! See More > BAGS! See More > PROPS! See More > TOOLS! See More >...
  2. Give the Gift of Life

    Give the Gift of Life
    Give Life! Training makes a great group event - take your Holiday down-time and turn it into a lifesaving event! If you want to give the gift of lifesaving, we’ll pitch in too. Not only are our CPR, First Aid & AED Classes ½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!™, but you can save even more by combining...
  3. Five Ways Smartphones Enhance Workplace Safety

    Five Ways Smartphones Enhance Workplace Safety
    A recent white paper on workplace safety from web-based management systems company Intelex concluded that smartphone technologies have the ability to improve occupational health and safety. The paper notes that strides towards zero injury goals have slowed with traditional methods and that, by adopting a mobile-driven approach to safety, businesses can “identify, reduce and prevent workplace hazards faster and at...
  4. Happy Thanksgiving - Enjoy Life!

  5. Remember, Remember.. First Aid in November!

    Remember, Remember.. First Aid in November!
    Risk for injuries and heart attack both rise dramatically during the holiday season. There are many reasons: Sudden Cardiac Arrest increase is commonly attributed to holiday stress, as well as the consumption of richer foods and alcohol. Injuries and accidents rise due to cooking (often with many people in an unfamiliar kitchen), holiday lights and decorations, space heaters, and more...

  7. Meals on Wheels

    Meals on Wheels
    Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular in cities around the country due to their convenience and unique food options. There are even Gourmet Food Truck Festivals around the US, and guides to help gourmands and vacationers find them to explore the mobile munchies One food truck in Los Angeles, gave the food truck phenomena a new twist - We've talked about Food...
  8. Body Language

    Body Language
    Bodies tell us much - in Health and Medicine, they give clues to ailments and potential issues, in business and interpersonal relationships they give us clues to what is hidden in the mind. Whether a CPR instructor teaching at the front of a training room or a worker communicating with another, body language can impart the message you would like...
  9. Food & Hunger

    Food & Hunger
    Did you ever wonder where all of the leftover food from a buffet goes after close? With health laws, consumer "perfection perception", and business greed a great deal of food goes unused while millions worldwide are near starvation. According to The Guardian, almost half the food produced in the US goes to waste. World Food Day took place a week ago...
  10. 6 Suggestions For Hosting Safety Meetings that Get Results

    6 Suggestions For Hosting Safety Meetings that Get Results
    Here are some tips which can enable you to engage your staff during regular safety meetings. 1. Select an Issue or Topic Safety & Security meetings should concentrate on the facets of your own safety programs and address workplace risks inherent in your everyday processes. Safety meeting topics should, offer useful such as: -- refresher training opportunities -- incorporate operational changes or...