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Miscellaneous Supplies

Do you work in a field which requires the use of first aid, CPR, AED, and medical products? Do you live in a house hold that like to stay safe and prepared? When you shop for miscellaneous first aid, CPR, AED or medical supplies do you look for top of the line & quality products at great rates? If you have answered yes to either of these questions than you have found the right online resource for news & updates on miscellaneous first aid, AED, nursing, medical, CPR and EMS supplies from Americas leading experts. Here you will find information, great deals and news articles regarding supplies which include splints, medical / EMS supply, tweezer, tongue depressors, syrup of ipecac, safety pins, mineral oil, gloves, first aid signs, first aid instruments, first aid creams & lotions, finger cots, emergency first aid guides, ear wax removal, cotton tip applicators, batteries and much more.
  • Puppies

    PuppyHere's an interesting twist... a novel way that Humane Societies around the world can get homeless pets some love and attention (and hopefully bonding and adoption!)

    Want to try out owning a puppy for a few hours all while enjoying a vacation on a tropical island? According to Huffington Post, a dog rescue charity in Turks and Caicos, Potcake Place, says that the program has been quite successful at getting the playful pooches adopted by tourists and locals alike. In addition to the adoption rate success, the playtime also serves as socialization training for the pups. If you're jumping on a plane now to head down there,

    PetFirstAidKitsjust keep in mind to get there early as this program is extremely popular. The lines start as early as 8:30am for the 10am opening.

    You always want to protect and make sure your family is safe. This also includes the furry, four-legged family members. We have everything you need to make sure you can help your sick or injured pets (dogs, cats, horses, etc.) with our pet emergency first aid and supply products. Our kits are designed for handling minor first aid emergencies and stabilize them until you can reach a vet for treatment. With brands such as Me-Ow, Bow-Ow, Sporting Dog, Mayday and more, you know you are set to help your furry family friends!

    DID YOU KNOW? Besides having a pet first aid and emergency kit to help out our furry friends in a time of an emergency, did you know you could sign up and take a Pet First Aid and CPR class? One out of four pets would survive if just one pet first aid technique was applied prior to getting emergency veterinary care, according to the American Animal Hospital Association. Having an emergency pet first aid kit and knowing how to properly use it can be two different things. Ask your vet where the closest Pet First Aid classes are and sign up!

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