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Remember that every Home & Business should have an AED

Now during CPR & AED Awareness Week (the first week of CPR & AED Awareness Month) we would like to remind you that AED devices can actually lead to recovery, while CPR alone most often can only maintain stasis until more advanced Lifesaving care arrives. You can purchase AEDs for very reasonable prices. If you have a little time to plan ahead, the AED Grant Program is an easy way to obtain corporate, buy down Grant funding to help reduce the cost further. This program is a partnership between AED Manufacturers and Corporate Sponsors to reduce the cost below any available online pricing to effect deployment of these critical devices as many places as possible. The program is available for Businesses, and even Individuals, not just Organizations and Non Profit Groups.


If you are interested in an AED for your facility please go to www.AedGrant.com for more information about the AED Grant Program!

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