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It Only Takes One

This is Hurricane Preparedness Week. normally, we refer to heart attacks when we say "it just takes one", but this week, there's a "twist":

2016 Hurricane Preparedness Week: It Only Takes One


In a Presidential Proclamation, President Obama designated this week as National Hurricane Preparedness Week, and called upon government agencies, private organizations, schools,

Stock up on Emergency Supplies to BE READY! Stock up on Emergency Supplies to BE READY!

media, and residents in the areas of our nation vulnerable to hurricanes to share information about preparedness and response to help save lives and protect their communities. Click here to read the full Presidential Proclamation.

The Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1. Hurricanes not only affect coastal communities, but also can have significant impacts hundreds of miles inland. It only takes one to change your life and your community. Protecting yourself today means having sources for information, preparing your home and workplace, developing an emergency communication plan, and knowing what to do when a hurricane is approaching your community. Visit ready.gov/prepare for resources on developing a family emergency communication plan and download the FEMA app for disaster resources, weather alerts, and safety tips.Prepper

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