Prepareathon-2016.jpgAmericans have been moving from awareness into action to prepare for disasters and save lives with America’s PrepareAthon!, a grassroots, community-based campaign to create a more prepared nation. On April 30, National PrepareAthon! Day encourages all Americans to know what to do when a disaster occurs, to get involved and to get prepared now and throughout the year. In addition to earlier preparedness tips, here are more actions you can take to get yourself and your family prepared for emergencies and disasters:

• Build an emergency supply kit for you and each member of your family that meets their specific needs. Include items like food that doesn’t require refrigeration or cooking, water, medications, flashlights, and batteries.

• Download the FEMA app for disaster resources and safety tips

Emergency Planning and Evacuation Procedures

• Emergency Action Plan

• Tornado Preparation and Emergency

• Earthquake

• What is the most common emergency?

For ideas and information on other things you can do for America’s PrepareAthon!, visit the website at FEMA-App-2016