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Spring Outdoor and Active Injuries

With Spring weather come sports and outdoor activities. This means bumps, bruises, scrapes and other not-so-fun surprises.

Some first aid tips to reconsider for active seasons like Spring:


Most useful for Spring is treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Sprains, Strains, Contusions and Fractures are very common side-effects of vigorous physical activities.

General Care for injuries to muscles, bones and joints includes following the mnemonic RICE:

  • Rest – Do not move or straighten the injured area.
  • Immobilize – Stabilize the injured area in the position it was found. Minimizing movement can prevent further injury.
  • Cold – Apply a cold compress to the injured area for periods of about 20 minutes. Place a thin barrier between the cold pack and the bare skin. If 20-minute icing cannot be tolerated, apply cold for periods of 10 minutes. If continued cold treatment is needed, remove the pack for 20 minutes, and then replace it. Do not apply heat. (If you don't have instant cold packs available, fill a plastic bag with ice and water or wrap ice with a damp cloth .)
  • Elevate – Elevate the injured part only of it does not cause more pain.


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