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Gardening Safety

Well, since last Sunday we talked about Lawn Mower Safety, and with Today being the first day of Spring - it seemed appropriate to consider overall gardening safety...

And you think gardening is tranquil? Whether you are a professional landscaper or a do it yourself homeowner, our Landscaper First Aid Kit, covers any type of ailment you may encounter outside: Insect stings, eye irritations, sprains and minor cuts. The tranquility will end the first time you touch a prickly bush, get stung by a bee, touch poison ivy, or just get something in your eye. Even simple lawn mowing or edging, you can get nicked up, pull a back muscle or step on a sprinkler hole. No matter what you do, keeping the Landscaper Kit nearby will ensure that you will be able to try and get back to your "tranquility."

Garden Without Stress-

Though as we have mentioned you should always keep a first aid kit by when you are doing gardening or any other type of landscaping, here are a few things you can do to prevent gardening injuries:

  • Loosen Up - Get the blood flowing and muscles loose.
  • Practice good form - Just like with lifting, keep back and knees straight by using a padded kneeler or low bench when digging and weeding.
  • Get a Grip - Use a good pair gloves. Little critters can get into cuts and scrapes on hands leading to infection
  • Finally, don't over do it - Limit yourself to 30-45 minute increment.


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