While each area of the Nation has specific types of emergencies that are more common to the region, floods, earthquakes and tornadoes happen in every part of our country. Prior to any tornado emergency, Management will designate safe shelter areas within the building for employees and individuals.  There are some general guidelines that may be used to aid in the selection of such spaces.  When selecting a safe shelter, consider:
  • The lowest floor, preferably a basement
  • Interior spaces- rooms with no walls on the exterior
  • Areas supported by secure, rigid structural frame members
  • Short roof spans
These safe shelter areas will have a first aid kit or medical supplies and several flashlights.  Where is our safe shelter area? ___________________________________________ . evacuation-signTornado Watch Procedures- A Tornado Watch means that conditions are right for severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes to develop. When notified of a tornado watch in the area, Senior Management will tune the radio to the National Weather Service channel to stay current on the storm progress.  The employee shall assist management (help board up windows or tape windows with a large “X”, insure safe shelter area is unlocked and stocked with first aid supplies, and flashlights). Tornado Warning Procedures- A Tornado Warning means a tornado has been seen or detected by radar.  Senior Management will inform all employees and individuals to take cover in shelter areas immediately. The employee shall seek shelter immediately. After the tornado, the employee shall render first aid and assist in recovery and help to prevent further damage, etc.