Ever had a Bomb Threat? They are too common in schools and public spaces these days, but they occur in businesses, too. Make a plan in case one happens where you work - here is one plan that makes sense... of course, you should consult your own local authorities and experts when devising your plan: When someone calls and says there is a bomb in the building, the following steps will be performed: Employee (Receiving Threat)
  1. Keeps the caller on the line as long as possible. Asks them to repeat the message.  Tries to write down every word spoken by the caller.
  2. Asks the caller where the bomb is located and when it will go off.
  3. Tells the caller that the building is occupied and detonation of a bomb could result in the death and injury to innocent people.
  4. Pays particular attention to background noises, such as music playing, engine noises, etc.
  5. Listens to the voice, male, female, voice quality, accent, and speech impediments.
  6. When the caller hangs up, do not hang up the phone! Sometimes, phones can be traced back to the source.  Immediately notify management and describe the threat.