Got an Earthquake Emergency Plan at Work? Here's a starter plan for you to tailor to your specific needs: All employees must be aware of the potential for earthquakes and the resulting damage to buildings and facilities.

During an Earthquake:

  1. If indoors, stay indoors; if outdoors, stay outdoors. In earthquakes, most injuries occur as people are entering or leaving buildings.
  2. If indoors:
  3. Take cover beneath a desk, table, bench or in doorways, halls or against an interior wall.
  4. Stay away from glass windows and glass doors, and away from containers having hazardous material stored.
  5. If outdoors:
  6. Move away from buildings and all structures, and all overhead electrical wires.
  7. If operating a vehicle, stop as soon as possible, but stay inside the vehicle.

After an Earthquake:

  1. Employees and individuals will assemble at the safe assembly area (__________________) outside the building.
  2. Employees shall not enter the building again until cleared by authorities.
  3. Will assist management with duties to clean up damage in order to resume business as soon as possible.

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness Training

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