What is your Emergency Plan if a Robbery occurs? In the event a robbery occurs, the main objective is to reduce the risk of injury to employees and individuals and to get the robber out of the building as soon as possible. Suggested plan... Employees shall:
  1. Be attentive and calm. Listen to the robber and do exactly  what he/she asks you to do.
  2. Do give up money as demanded.
  3. Remain alert. Try to remember details of the robber’s appearance, clothing, speech, etc.
  4. If possible, watch the robber’s method and direction of escape.
  5. Expect foul/strong language. Expect to lie on the floor.
  6. Do not make any sudden movements.
  7. Don’t overreact.
  8. Do not grab for the weapon or call for help.
  9. Do not argue.
  10. After the robbery, write everything down.
Workplace Violence Workplace Violence
Senior Management shall:
  1. Call the Police and the Company President
  2. Have all witness write everything they can recall.
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