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You know what burns?

secondsSteam Burns, Hot Liquids Burn. Remember this. We so frequently focus on Chemical Burns and the typical Thermal Burns caused by fire and hot objects that we forget the danger in scalding burns.

When thinking about Burn Awareness this week, remember scalds... 84% of scald burns occur in the home:

During mealtime, always place hot items in the center of the table away from the edge to prevent spilling hot liquids and food.

When opening microwave popcorn bags allow the bag to sit for at least a minute and open the bag away from your face (Steam in popcorn bags is hotter than 180 degrees and can burn you in less than a second!)

Never place hot liquids on low coffee tables or end tables that a young child can reach and burn themselves.

Every minute, someone in the United States suffers a burn injury serious enough to require treatment. Be burn safety ready with the proper burn treatment supplies on hand.


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