Giving EarthThe Hectic Holidays... Have they lost all meaning? With all the commercialism, gift buying frenzy, decorating competitions, parties and planning and dressing up - whew! Then there's always competing with the neighbors on decorations, too... Have we lost all sense of the time and why we are celebrating? As a culturally, ethnically, and spiritually/belief diverse organization (You can image with thousands of Instructors and presence on every continent but Antarctica, we've got someone from just about every belief system imaginable) we still strive to respect the meaning, or meanings of this time. Whatever your belief system or cultural background, we hope you take some time during this season to appreciate what you have, the value of the people in your life, and the reason for being. We hope you take some genuine time to reflect on what you've done for the sale of others, and what more you can do to make the world a better place for all.