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Monthly Archives: August 2018

  • The Original Prestan Manikins are GOING AWAY!

    The Original Prestan Manikins are GOING AWAY!


    After a hugely successful 10 years on the market, Prestan is retiring their flagship item from the product line – the Light Skin Manikin!

    While replacement skin overlays and faces will still be available, the Light Skin Manikin in of itself will soon be no more! This will apply to all Light Skin Manikins….adult, child, and infant; singles, four-packs, and collections.

    Due to their more realistic tones, the popularity of the Medium and Dark Skin Manikins has surpassed that of the Light Skin Manikins by about 20 to 1. These manikins still use the advanced skin overlay developed with 3M – for easy cleaning, discoloration prevention, and effortless AED pad adherence and removal – but the tone is far more lifelike which has become overwhelmingly preferred in recent times.

    How does this affect you?

    In the past, you have purchased this soon-to-be discontinued product from us. This change does not pose an issue for the manikins you currently have and use, but we thought perhaps you’re looking to add to your inventory and would like to keep a consistent physicality / look & feel of your training equipment –
    Now would be the time to do so!

    Prestan is accepting orders for the Light Skin Manikins only until August 31st! We are asking any of our customers looking for the Light Skin Manikin to place their order with us by the close of August 29th - and are offering FREE GROUND SHIPPING*.

    You may have seen or heard of the new requirement announced by the American Heart Association stating that the AHA “will now require the use of an instrumented directive feedback device in all courses that teach adult CPR skills” which is to be put into effect early 2019. As a Prestan manikin user, you’re in luck! So long as your manikins include the monitor, you are already in compliance. But don’t worry if you purchased manikins without monitors – you can easily, and cost-effectively, get up to date by simply ordering the monitors alone to place within your manikins.


    The light skin tone will no longer be available for Prestan Professional Manikins.

    August 31st, 2018 Prestan will discontinue Prestan Professional Manikins in the Light skin tone.

    After this date, Prestan Professional Manikins will only be available
    in Medium or Dark skin tones.

    This applies to all Professional Manikins: Adult, Child, Replacement skin 4-packs, Collections, Family Packs and Jaw-Thrust. Replacement skin 4-packs in the Light skin tone will continue to be available for torsos as well as replacement faces.

    Stock up TODAY before they are gone!

    *Free Ground Shipping available in the 48 contiguous U.S. States for all Prestan CPR Manikins. Does not apply to parts and accessories.

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