June 2016

  1. Healthy Grilling Recipes
    Categories: Health / Medical Education

    Healthy Grilling Recipes

    As a CPR training organization, healthy lifestyle, including moderate regular cardiovascular exercise, avoiding cholesterol, and managing weight are core principles to us - these are all controllable risk factors for cardiovascular disease and sudden cardiac arrest. With Summer upon us and backyard cookouts in the offing, we thought it appropriate to share these Healthy Grilling Recipes from Million Hearts to help...
  2. Updated Training on Bloodborne Pathogens
    Categories: BBP Training

    Updated Training on Bloodborne Pathogens

    Bloodborne pathogens are too small to see with the naked eye, but they pose health risks that are too big to ignore. They're the disease-causing micro-organisms found in human blood, as well as human blood components and products. Bloodborne diseases continue to pose major health problems. Increasing infection rates for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are now making them as...
  3. The Eye of the Storm and the Heart of Huricane Season
    Categories: Disaster, Survival, Preparation

    The Eye of the Storm and the Heart of Huricane Season

    As Weather Ready Nation Ambassadors, American CPR Training® reminds you that we are well into Atlantic Hurricane Season, which runs from June 1 through November 30. If you do not already have one, you need to prepare your emergency supply kit now. Some other weather ready suggestions can be found in these helpful articles: Where is your Hurricane Harbor? Global Warming It Only...
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    Procrastination = Death

    Don't wait - CPR & AED saves lives! Learn CPR and make sure your facility is equipped with an AED! CPR Adult, Child & Infant CPR First Aid Basic 1st Aid & Emergency Care AED Automated External Defibrillation
  5. 'Thank God for that squirrel'
    Categories: Odd Bits of News & Trivia

    'Thank God for that squirrel'

    This is funny! A squirrel had caused a short circuit that knocked out power, two power linemen were dispatched to an 80-year-old man’s home for the outage and discovered the unresponsive octogenarian in the road. The linemen called 911 and the operator instructed the men to use an AED on the victim. After the AED’s automatic scan, it instructed them to begin CPR. 80 year...
  6. Summertime
    Categories: Odd Bits of News & Trivia


    Today is the First Day of Summer! (or so the calendar tells us - Meteorological Summer, or "real summer" began June 1st) Summer is about fun and out-of-doors play, including cooling off in and around the water - it also brings risks of illness and injury that are much different than other seasons.. here are a few helpful articles to...
  7. Bloomsday
    Categories: Odd Bits of News & Trivia


    Today is Bloomsday, the day that commemorates and celebrates the life of Irish writer James Joyce, whose novel "Ulysses" is set on June 16, 1904. Joyce chose the date, as it was the first outing that he and his wife-to-be, Nora Barnacle enjoyed together- walking around the  Dublin suburb of Ringsend. The title "Bloomsday" is a play on the name of Ulysses' protagonist, Leopold Bloom, a...
  8. National Terrorism Advisory System
    Categories: Bleeding Control

    National Terrorism Advisory System

    STATEMENT BY SECRETARY JOHNSON ON THE NEW NTAS BULLETIN In December 2015, I announced the revision of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Terrorism Advisory System, or “NTAS,” to include an intermediate level NTAS “Bulletin.” We then issued a new NTAS Bulletin at the same time. The duration of the December Bulletin was six months, and expires tomorrow. The Department...
  9. American
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    How can an organization with our name not proudly recognize this day? Today day is Flag Day, an officially unofficial holiday commemorating the adoption of the US Flag by the Second Continental Congress. While proclaimed initially in 1916 by Woodrow Wilson, and every year since by each President then-in-office, and even recognized by Congress 70 years ago - it is...
  10. Categories: OSHA and Other Safety Training

    Protecting Disabled Employees

    Staying Safe: Protecting Disabled Employees at Work The health and safety of disabled employees at work is extremely important. An easily accessible and safe workplace for disabled people will ultimately prove to be a safer and easily accessible place for all employees, clients and visitors. The term ‘accessibility’ does not necessarily mean just access to the buildings. In a work...

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