March 2016

  1. It is coming...
    Categories: CPR Training

    It is coming...

    CPR & AED Awareness Month is in June - that may seem to be a long way off, but it really isn't. Many of our clients are already scheduling their onsite CPR & AED Training classes now to assure availability, and Instructors are stocking up on Student & Instructor Materials, as well as adding to their CPR Manikin and AED...
  2. Spring Outdoor and Active Injuries
    Categories: First Aid Training

    Spring Outdoor and Active Injuries

    With Spring weather come sports and outdoor activities. This means bumps, bruises, scrapes and other not-so-fun surprises. Some first aid tips to reconsider for active seasons like Spring: Assess, Alert & Attend First Aid for Shock Bandaging a Wound   Most useful for Spring is treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Sprains, Strains, Contusions and Fractures are very common side-effects of vigorous...
  3. Happy Easter!
    Categories: Odd Bits of News & Trivia

    Happy Easter!

    Wishing you each a great day no matter what your plans are or what you are doing today!
  4. On-site Fees & Additional Travel Expenses
    Categories: Instructors Corner

    On-site Fees & Additional Travel Expenses

    Clients often as about how we keep our prices so darned low. How do we offer onsite training at ½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!™? How can we charge less for a full Adult, Child & Infant CPR class than any of the other national providers, and not have any hidden fees, or missing items? We've...
  5. Pet Poisoning
    Categories: Odd Bits of News & Trivia

    Pet Poisoning

    During National Poison Prevention Week, we thought we'd go beyond the norm and share some Pet First Aid Tips, too. PET EMERGENCY & FIRST AID You always want to protect and make sure your family is safe. This also includes the furry, four-legged family members. We have everything you need to make sure you can help your sick or injured...
  6. More on poisoning
    Categories: Child Safety

    More on poisoning

    It is still National Poison Prevention Week, and we've discussed poisoning in the past but here are some basic reminders: What to look for: Trouble breathing Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea Chest or abdominal pain Sweating, changes in consciousness, seizures Burns around the lips or tongue, or on the skin Open or spilled containers; open medicine cabinet Overturned or damaged plant Unusual odors, flames...
  7. CPR Mask Demand Escalates
    Categories: CPR Products

    CPR Mask Demand Escalates

    American CPR Training® has had to double its CPR Keychain production in response to overwhelming new demand. “Many of our customers and instructors were holding off on purchasing CPR masks and keychains,” explains American CPR’s Melissa Estrada, “as they were concerned that the new CPR guidelines would change to strictly ‘compression only’ CPR.” This was not the case, and CPR...
  8. National Poison Prevention Week
    Categories: Child Safety

    National Poison Prevention Week

    About 60,000 young children end up in the ER each year due to accidental poisoning from medications — that’s more than poisoning from all household products combined. As part of the Poison Prevention Week Council (PPWC), Parents and caregivers need to learn to prevent medication poisoning by keeping medicines up, away, and out of sight of children. For National Poison...
  9. Back and Lifting Safety
    Categories: OSHA and Other Safety Training

    Back and Lifting Safety

    Keeping your back healthy and keeping you on the job requires a team effort.  Management is committed to helping reduce back injuries at work, by teaching good lifting and material handling techniques.  Back safety is a shared responsibility- it requires your cooperation at work, home, and play. Not all back injuries are a result of sudden trauma - most are...
  10. Gardening Safety
    Categories: OSHA and Other Safety Training

    Gardening Safety

    Well, since last Sunday we talked about Lawn Mower Safety, and with Today being the first day of Spring - it seemed appropriate to consider overall gardening safety...

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