December 2015

  1. Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease
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    Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease

    Cardiovascular Disease is the number one cause of preventable death in the US... you can help prevent your own demise if you shape up and live healthier beginning today. Cardiovascular disease, which includes heart attack and stroke, kills more people than anything else on the planet. Risk Factors are factors that affect our chances of having cardiovascular disease.  The three...
  2. New Year's Eve
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    New Year's Eve

    The end of another great year! This year brought renewed interest in lifesaving, economic growth, and brilliant advances in health and science technologies! Here we are at the last day of the year… make it count... wrap up everything open, tidy up your desk, your email, your tasks, your car, your home, your life so you are ready to plunge into...
  3. It’s Still Not Too Late to Get Your Flu Vaccine
    Categories: Child Safety

    It’s Still Not Too Late to Get Your Flu Vaccine

    Noticing people around work are getting the "bug"? You meant to get vaccinated in the fall to ward off the flu, but somehow didn’t get around to it? Think it’s too late to get vaccinated now? Not so. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), vaccinations can be protective as long as flu viruses are circulating. And although seasonal...
  4. 'Tis the Season - for Heart Attacks
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    'Tis the Season - for Heart Attacks

    In the United States, there are greater than 50 percent more heart attacks in winter months than in summer months, and it's mostly about stress and diet. According to results gathered by the Second National Registry of Myocardial Infarction (heart attacks), winter was the top season for heart attacks, followed by fall, then spring, then summer. The December issue of...
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    A Severe Winter Storm Can Knock Out Power to Your Home

    Power Through an Outage... we explained that Blackouts and Power Outages are the most common emergency - are you ready? Since you can’t predict how long a power outage will last, you should plan to live without electricity for at least three days. Now that winter is here, preparation is necessary to stay safe! Tips to prepare your family for a power outage...
  6. Winter Driving
    Categories: OSHA and Other Safety Training

    Winter Driving

    Winter is upon us, and the season is already proving more "Wintery" than most - even surprising more temperate regions with cold winds, unusual rainfall, and winter  driving conditions.
  7. We Wish you the Merriest & a Special Gift for YOU to Give
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    We Wish you the Merriest & a Special Gift for YOU to Give

    Merry Christmas to all our Readers... We hope you have a beautiful day and share our deepest wish that wherever you may learn, you all have the knowledge, the courage, and the willingness to step in and save a life when needed. 80% of all bystander lifesaving skills are performed on a loved one  be ready for yours!
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    Our Free Gift to YOU! (Share this with your Friends & Family!)

    Tomorrow is Christmas, a time of giving... we've got something to share with you and your friends and family! Watch our FREE 22 minute video to teach some basic first aid skills and how to use those funny items you'll find in a First Aid Kit. HOW TO USE A FIRST AID KIT: WHAT YOUR FIRST AID COURSE DIDN'T TEACH...
  9. Old Fashioned Holiday in a New Fangled Way: Watch the Video!
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    Old Fashioned Holiday in a New Fangled Way: Watch the Video!

    We told you we were going on a surprise trip (well, not a "surprise" in that we knew we were going, but a "surprise" in that we knew not where we were headed.) We came, we boarded - and off we went! 30 people, 2 days and oh so much fun! 5 destination/events in 2 days. We saw Danish, German...
  10. Categories: Disaster, Survival, Preparation

    Be Winter Ready

    Today is the Winter Solstice - All indicators are that this is going to be a bone-chilling Winter. Are you ready? ? Winter Wonderland can be Winter Dangerland ? Winter storms and cold temperatures can be hazardous ? Safety Tips for Driving on Winter Roads ? It’s Time to Prepare for Winter Weather ? What is the most common emergency? ? Deck the Halls: Fire Safety...

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