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Monthly Archives: October 2015

  • OSHA Requirements for Forklift Training

    OSHA Requirements for Industrial Lift Truck / Forklift Safety Training are "Site Specific", meaning that the training must be performed on your equipment, at your facility. Therefore, individual training is impractical, because the training still must occur at your place of business / employment, where you will actually be utilizing the equipment.

    So, although we CAN perform individual training for OSHA Forklift Safety, you must still pay for a minimum group fee in order to cover the time and expense of sending an Instructor, materials, and equipment to your site.

    What is Forklift Safety?

    The Forklift Safety Training will include OSHA safety regulations on training, operation, loading, inspection, & refueling/recharging. Training may also include special modules on: "People and Equipment”, "Propane Safety”, “Battery Charging Safety”, or “Carbon Monoxide Safety.”

    Does this training include an operating license?

    No, this is only a Forklift Safety course which is still required once you have an operating license.

    How long is the certification valid for?

    The certification is valid for 3 years. However, if there is an incident or change of equipment at your site, this must be recorded and Forklift Safety is required to be retaken.

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