Severe Bleeding is one of the most life-threatening emergencies. Blood loss, or exsanguination, can lead to death in as little as 5 minutes... considering that average national EMS response time is 8-14 minutes, you can see why this is a major threat to loss of life.

We recently participated in project at the White House to address this issue. Working toward developing a program for Public enablement and awareness, with the Centers for Disease Control, FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security, National Security Council, as well as other representatives from select private sector groups and nonprofit organizations we are working to build awareness, implement and accelerate this initiative... learn more, stop "Standing By" - you can save lives.

Stop the Bleed

stopthebleedNo matter how rapid the arrival of professional emergency responders, bystanders will always be first on the scene.  A person who is bleeding can die from blood loss within five minutes, therefore it is important to quickly stop the blood loss.

"Stop the Bleed" is a nationwide campaign to empower individuals to act quickly and save lives.

Remember to be aware of your surroundings and move yourself and the injured person to safety, if necessary.

Call 911.

Bystanders can take simple steps to keep the injured person alive until appropriate medical care is available.  Here are three actions you can take to help save a life:



Find where the bleeding is coming from and apply firm, steady pressure to the bleeding site with bandages or clothing



If the bleeding doesn't stop, place a tourniquet 2-3 inches closer to the torso from the bleeding. (The tourniquet may be applied and secured over clothing.)

Pull the strap through the buckle, twist the rod tightly, clip and secure the rod with the clasp or the Velcro strap.

Compress again

Compress Again

If the bleeding still doesn't stop, place a second tourniquet closer to the torso from the first tourniquet.

Pull the strap through the buckle, twist the rod tightly, clip and secure the rod with the clasp or the Velcro strap.

* One type of tourniquet is depicted in the illustrations.


Watch " A Perfect Stranger "

A Perfect Stranger’ tells the story of Kinneil and Angelia and the event that brought the two women together. When a motorcycle accident left a frightened Angelia on the street alone and bleeding, Kinneil didn’t just stand by, she cared enough to stop and provide a comforting hand and a reassuring voice. It is a powerful reminder that at a moment’s notice, any one of us might find ourselves in a situation where we are the help until help arrives. In the end, this film calls on all Americans to remake what it means to be a bystander.