To prepare for an emergency and/or disaster, it not only takes thoroughness but also an understanding of what is needed, what are the most important items for survival and how much food is needed to survive for at least 72 hours. We have everything you need or want in regard to Disaster Preparation. You don't have to be a hardcore prepper gearing up for the Zombie Apocalypse or even TEOTWAWKI to gear up for disastrous natural occurrences. We have 72 Hour Survival kits that can be used in case of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes etc., Classroom and Blackout Survival Kits, Emergency Food and Water, Shelter and Sleeping Supplies, Lighting and Heating and so much more. With American Red cross, FEMA and C.E.R.T recommended supplies, you can feel comfortable knowing our products are durable, long-lasting and of the highest quality. Always be prepared!
WHAT IS TEOTWAWKI ANYWAY? Its an acronym that is used in the Survivalists world meaning "The End of The World As We Know It" - Survivalists are known for anticipating and prepping for disaster or cataclysmic natural events where their preparation and training will come into play. This may include  preparation such as having emergency medical training or storing food and water to more aggressive techniques including self-defense training or the construction of survival structures. To a Survivalist, being prepared is half the battle!
While the 72 hour rule was laid down years ago by the US Coast Guard (as was the 1200 calorie/day guide for food) more recent events - Katrina as an example have led both Survivalist and Government Agencies to promote longer term preparation... as well as higher sustenance levels per day. Are you assured of rescue or support in just 3 days? Not necessarily.  Also, while you can live on 1200 calories per day (especially if lying around in a raft awaiting pick up) but if you are trekking to safety or involved in strenuous activity such as rescuing others - you will need more than that. Think about what your survival needs may really be - and then prepare for 50% more than that!
OKTPWhen a disaster or urgent emergency occurs, being able to survive where you are or needing to bug out is the first big decision that needs to be made. We have a line of Emergency Survival Kits to fully cover these tasks. Whether it is a simple blackout, a classroom lockdown, fire, or flooding, we have all types of kits to cover you in these situations. These include Survival Mini Packs, Honey Buckets for Classroom Lockdowns, Basic, Deluxe and Elite Survivals kits that depend on your needs and Survival Kits that are focused on Long term Food Storage. With brands like Guardian, you know whichever kit, bugout bag, or food storage kit you choose, your supplies will be of the highest quality. Always be prepared!
We know that not everyone is the same, no two disasters are the same nor are your personal needs the same. The most important thing when choosing a survival kit is what fits for you and your environment, what disasters you can expect and if it needs to be fully portable. There are mini kits out there including our line of Classroom Lockdown kits, Survival "mini" Kits, Vehicle Kits, and Military-type survival kits. You wouldn't want to have a mini kit for a Classroom lockdown kit as the Mini's only support 1-2 two people at the most - you would need a Lockdown kit to use for 30 people. At the same time you would want to have a Bucket Survival kit as a "bug-out" bag if you needed to get out of Dodge as quickly as you can. Make sure you choose the correct Survival kit for your needs. The most important thing though is to be prepared no matter what!