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Self-Adherent Bandages

There are times when a wound wrap, pad, gauze or any other type of medical tools needs some extra support. Our Self Adherent Compression bandages and wraps do the trick. We have multiple sizes and colors to suit your needs such as the Dynarex Sensi Rainbow wraps which bring some lively colors to the task of wrapping and securing bandages. The wraps are easily torn by hand so scissors are not required. And because they are self adherent they do not stick to the skin or hair. Clips and pins are not required either!

DID YOU KNOW - Self Adherent bandages are fantastic because they adhere to themselves and not human or other surfaces. They can also be used on animals such as livestock who have suffered injuries. They are used the same as with humans, in that they can secure a gauze pad, or bandage to an affected area, so that it allows the bandage to stay on, protect and heal.