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AED Products

With AmericanCPR.com you know we are going to carry top of the line Automated External Defibrillators (AED) brands such as Zoll, Defibtech, Physio-Control, Heartsine, and Philips.  To make sure you are able to use your AED to its fullest extent, we offer a full line of accessories for each of these top brands such as electrodes, AED wall mounts, batteries, carrying cases among a multitude of others products. Finally, as a way to make sure you are well-trained and knowledgeable about your particular AED you own, we also offer a full line of AED trainers and training accessories to help supplement your AED use knowledge.

DID YOU KNOW? -  Through AEDGRANT.com,  private and public businesses, agencies, and institutions will all be considered for a Corporate Buy Down AED Grant Program.  Even individuals are welcome to apply and may be eligible.  It’s as simple as filling out a one page grant application and submitting it by fax or mail for consideration. The goal with this program is to have an AED in every home, every business, and every public place!